Prestige 1193 Buffet Crampon Bass Clarinet

The Prestige Bass Clarinet Buffet Crampon BC 1193 has evolved and improved over the years through intensive research and experimentation. It possesses the characteristic tone of Buffet Crampon instruments and has a warm, full tone. It has a neck in two parts for greater comfort and emission. Made of grenadilla wood, this is one of the most popular bass clarinets used by orchestral professors.

RC BASS PRESTIGE 1193 BC1193-2-0


KEY’: Bb
DIAPASON: 440/442
NECK 2 pieces adjustable
BELL copper silver plated
BODY Grenadilla wood nature
KEYWORK 24 keys, Double octave key sistemSilver-plated keys, Adjustable handrest
PADS leather & cork
ACCESSORIES Silver-plated ligature and cap, Buffet Crampon mouthpiece, wooden cordura case

Categoria Strumento

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