Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet

Buffet Crampon RC clarinets are made from the highest quality seasoned grenadilla wood for a rich harmonic sound and a warm, centred tone. Its projection and uniformity of response and improved intonation will give pure satisfaction to players who aspire to a professional-level instrument and wish to play at the top of the range.

RC Si b L BC1114L-2-0


DIAPASON: 440/442,
65 and 66 mm barrels included
BODY: grenadilla wood
KEYS: 18 keys (double lever Eb) 6 rings, silver finish, adjustable finger rest
PADS: white leather, cork pvc
ACCESSORIES: Buffet Crampon professional mouthpiece with silver-plated ligature and mouthpiece cover, single black leather case

Categoria Strumento

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