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Oboes, Oboe d'amore and Cors anglais sales

A wide choice of instruments with many examples of the same model. Customising and technical intervention on both mechanics and acoustics.

The most frequent Oboe repairs

Our company is able to carry out any job on any existing model of oboe, oboe d’amore or cor anglais.  The most common jobs include:

  • Pad replacement
  • Thickness replacement
  • Needle and flat spring replacement
  • Adjustment screw replacement
  • Axial and tailstock screw replacement
  • Personalised instrument tune-up
  • Intonation adjustment on problem notes
  • Possible mechanical modifications include: transforming from the Prestini system to the French system and vice versa, from automatic to semiautomatic, from English to French
  • Modification of the ½ hole key to obtain C# , D, D# in the 3rd octave with either German (left hand index finger open) or French position (with index finger closed)
  • Double key for low C# (parallel to the double F key), and other types of customising to improve the ergonomics of the instrument
  • Silver plating (thickness -50 μ) , pink-yellow gold plating, rhodium plating of keys and columns
  • Restoring cracks and rebuilding bushes, vent holes


Oboe: the brands we sell

Professionalism, passion, experience.

Almost 60 years of activity make Marchi Fiati the reference company for the sale, repair and hire of wind musical instruments in Modena.

Repair, adjustment, intonation and customisation of your Oboe are our daily bread and butter. 

Entrust your instrument to us with confidence: contact us for any information on how to repair wind instruments.

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