Yamaha Bassoon 812

The Yamaha YFG 812 bassoon, with a thicker body wall, allows for rich, full-bodied sounds. It is ideal for musicians who prefer a warm, rounded sound and want enough power to support the weight in a modern symphony orchestra.


The YFG812 bassoon has a 4 mm thicker body wall, giving the instrument a darker timbre that is well suited to the needs of modern orchestras. The key systems of these instruments are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen, who pay special attention to quality and playability. A rocker arm and a Bb key protector are standard, while a roller system and oversized left thumb key make it easier to perform the most complex passages. The keys for the pinky of the left hand and the thumb and pinky of the right hand have been positioned as naturally and comfortably as possible to improve playability and allow the musician to concentrate on the music rather than the instrument.


Fingering System: Heckel system

Auxiliary Keys: High D key, 6 roller keys (low C#, low Eb, F#, Ab little finger, Ab thumb, F), Bb key guard, Balancer
Trill Keys: F-G, E-F#

Body: Long-seasoned maple (thicker wall)
Keys: Silver-plated nickel silver

Bocal: Super Bocals (CN1S and CN2S)

Case: Included

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